Baby products for a newborn in India 2020

Lots of questions arise on one's mind as they set to welcome the newborn baby to this world. Excitement, responsibilities, confusion lots of feeling going through the new parents. Getting all the things right and be prepared at such time is what each new Indian parents want. All of us need the best that they can get their hands too for there newborn baby.
Baby have different needs then most of us adults, they require special care and best products and accessories fitting for there everyday activities.
In this post, we have listed various baby products available in the Indian market.

Shopping Checklist for Newborn Baby Products

Baby items of clothing

Swaddling Cloth - Blankets or sheets

Swaddling Cloth Blankets sheets

A warm breathable blanket, swaddle cloth will be required for your newborn baby. They keep the baby snuggled and safe, and traditionally used for keeping the newborn baby warm in cold weather.

Onesies or One-pieces

Onesies baby dress

Onesies are a loose-fitting one-piece baby cloth that works as tshirt and pant for baby. They are provided with an easy opening at crotch area for the easy accessibility for parents to change the baby diapers as they will required continuously. Onesies are an absolute essentials product in your newborn baby wardrobe.

Sleeping suit

baby Sleeping-suit

A full body night suit covering whole body with poppers at back and easy full front button closure for easy access, such will make your baby night peaceful, warm and cozy throughout. Made from 100% cotton makes it easy and breathable on babys body.

Gloves, Socks and Caps

Gloves Socks Caps for baby

Keeping a pair of each gloves, socks and caps is a notably good idea if there is a newborn baby in the house. Small babies cannot regulate their own body temperature so it is very important to maintain a warm environment around baby. Baby can scratch themself with there fingernails so mittens can be worn to keep them safe from doing so.

Baby Care


Thermometer Digital baby essential item ideas

If you do not have a thermometer in the house then it is time to get one asap. It is very convenient and recommended to always have a thermometer around if you have babies in the house. Instantly able to measure the baby temperature in case your little on falls sick or to measure the temperature of the food, it is great to have such product around.


baby Humidifier essential product

Cold can be harsh especially for baby. If the air around in your home is not moist enough or too dry, the baby may feel discomfort and irritation, especially if baby has cold, flu, or allergies problem.

Bathing products for Baby

Bath Tub Seat

baby Bath Tub with Seat

Bathing an infant baby can be a problem if not enough hands to support and care. It can be difficult to handle and bath the small baby it can be slippery while bathing. Its always recommended getting bathtub seat to nicely place the baby as you proceed to bath her.

Baby Bath Soap and Shampoo

Baby Bath Soap and Shampoo gel

Try not to use any adult brand soap and shampoo on the baby as their skin are different they ours. Try to go for brand that make special products for babies.

Baby Oil for Massage and Moisturizer

Baby Oil for Massage and moisturiser

Massaging is very important and recommended by many doctors for growing baby as it helps in blood circulation, muscle and bone development. Even in our Indian culture mothers use to massage their baby before bathing in sunlight.

Baby Diapering Products

Nappies / Cloth Diapers


If your baby is below 2 months old it is advised by nurses and mothers to use nappies instead of disposable diapers. But it will require to change as soon as they get used the nappy You can easily keep the record for the number of times the baby has soiled the nappy which can help in keeping the track of progress report on your baby health.

Disposable Diapers

Disposable Diapers package

Early years of baby diapers will be required throughout. Disposable diapers are handy when travelling with baby. Look and check the weight for your baby with the size required.

Wet Wipes

baby Wet Wipes

Using wet wipes at the bottom parts is a good thing as they are not harsh on the skin and leaving the area clean and fresh. It is a good idea to carry a package of wet wipe when traveling with babies.

Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector for baby

A protective sheet on bed matters or under the bassinet protects your baby from spoiling them. Also can be used as a sheet when changing a diaper.

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Rash Cream

If you see any redness on the bottom, hip or thighs you should apply diaper rash cream. Continous use of diapers can cause diaper rash to your baby which can be very irritating and painful.

Baby Sleeping Needs

Cradles & Bassinets

Cradles Bassinets for baby

Getting a sepreate sleeping place for baby is a good idea. Doctor and nurse from around the world recommend that new parents should sleep in the same room but not to keep baby in same bed next to them but should rather keep them is safe areas like a crib or bassinet.

Baby Mattress

There are various type of baby mattress available in the market like waterproof mattress, sleeping bag combo, with mosquito net.

Baby Monitor


It is very easy to set up a camera monitor system in the baby sleeping area which can keep peace of mind for the parents even not physically present in the room.

Blankets & Quilts

Wrapper Blankets - Quilts

Donot forget to add baby blankets onto the list of newborn baby, they are essential product in helping to keep baby warm throughtout day and night. Baby blankets can also be use in swaddling the baby, or laying surface, etc.

Nursing/Feeding you Baby


Baby Formula Food

Formula is the only best essential item that can substitute if breast milk is not available for the baby. It also acts as additional complement nutrition that helps in baby fast growth and well being.

Feeding Bottles

Feeding Bottle

You can see there are many feeding bottles that people are selling throughout the Indian market but you have to be careful when buying such, always ensure that you buy items that are made from food-graded, clinically tested products.

Bottle Sterilizer & Food Steamer


You can go old school when sterilizing the baby products like boiling hot water and cleaning items with it or you can save yourself time and energy by getting bottle sterilizer and steamer which does it job within couple of minutes.

Teether and Pacifier


Parents have used teether and pacifiers all around the globe. They do benefit in helping the baby calm and self soothe. Teething is processes were infant baby teeth and gum development start anywhere from the first month to a year, during which babys gum start iching and they want to chew onto something, teether can be given to chew on not only that but it also helps the baby in developing a mental map of there mouth as they use it which later can speed up ability to use tongue and speak.

Feeding Pillow

Feeding Pillow

Feeding pillows are great to have if you have twin babies to feed, but not only that it can be useful in easing your back pain issues.

Breast Milk Pump

BabyGo electric breast pump india

Nothing is more important than having a breast milk pump if you are a working mother with a baby in hand to feed. This product works great for mothers that are lactating too much milk. There are two kinds of breast pump available in the Indian market, electric and manual breast pump.

For New Mothers

Breast Pads

Breast Pads

Breast pads are designed for breastfeeding comforts and leakage protection so you can have a pick of mind. Sometimes breast milk can continue dripping and can stain your cloth which can be embarrassing, so to be on the safer side some mothers keep breast pad with them.

Diaper Bag

baby diaper bag

Elegant handbag may look nicer on you than diaper bag but it should be a preferred choice for new mothers. Diaper bags are leakproof bags that help you carry baby items like, 3-4 bottles, changed diapers, and enough space for other essential items.

Nipple Sore/Crack - Lotion

Nipple Lotion

It is common with mothers to experience unusual sort of discomfort unusually sore nipples and dry, cracked, sensitivity in nipple skin.

Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is great idea for a mother with a newborn baby. Now you donot have to pull over your whole bra up from your body, nursing bra provides easy accessibility to unhook just the front side to breastfeed the baby very easily and conveniently.

Travelling with Baby

Baby Car Seat

Baby Car Seat

You should use baby child safety seat for atleast the age of 18 months. It is not required by law in India, but many other western countries law require parents to have installed.



A stroller is used by parents to make traveling with babies convenient and easy. Having a fresh air morning walk or exercise with evening walks with baby in the stroller enjoying her ride with her parents.

Baby Carrier


While carrying a baby it can be hard to do other things. Baby carrier helps you in working on things while still having your baby close to your heart. This product latches the baby to you like a bag which leaves both of your hands for other works.

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