7 Ways to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Looking for ideas to make your little baby sleep through the night.
You are in the right place. let us go thought these 7 easy methods and steps to help you with your baby sleep.
Like every new Indian mother. I really struggle to prepare myself to get my baby to sleep through the night.
Eventually, after discussing with other Indian mothers who had lots of experience with child care and with some of my self-research in baby sleep on getting a full nighter, today in this article I am going to share with you

1 Cry it Out

The first method I like to share with you is a famously-infamous method to let the baby Cry it Out as much as it wants till the baby exhaust and sleeps on its own. It may sound a little hash, especially to new Indian mothers as they cannot stand to her baby cry but believe me it works, more on this later.

2 No Cry Approach

The second one is the No Cry Approach this is the exact opposite of the cry it out, this method states that whenever your baby wakes up you give them proper care; this means changing them, feeding them and rocking them till they fall back asleep.

3 Ferber Method

The third approach is a sort of a mixture of both the techniques in the Ferber method you're around your child, you then slowly move the crib away each night. You can also console them every time they cry without picking them up. The Ferber method this is the cry it out I did mention earlier to you, leave your baby alone and if they cry you wait for a specified amount of time before you comfort them,

Parents could find this the method to be very hard initially as it might get hard to hear your baby cry but being patient as you are not abandoning them, it helps in teaching babies how to self-calm,

here is a sample pattern that you can follow; pat your baby and calm her as you place her down, leave the room, and close the door behind you. Then you can start leaving her alone for 5 minutes if she's still crying go in and calm her then leave for a little longer then before like 8-10 minutes and wait; if she's crying again go in and comfort her repeat the same until she falls asleep prevent insects like mosquitos, or heat that may cause irritation as many parents like to warp their babies with lots of clothes even in the heat that may not be comfortable for the baby to get a good night sleep and interrupt your babies sleep.

4 Harvey Karp cough method

Next is the Harvey Karp cough method, you try and recreate the noises movements and the whole environment of the womb for this you use the five SS strategy: swaddle, side or stomach, shush, swing and suck.

Swaddled, wrap your baby up to snuggly in a tight blanket, this helps recreate the snugness of a womb.

Side a stomach, putting your baby on her side or stomach can be used to calm them down but it's important to place them on their back when they're asleep.

Shush, babies sometimes need a calm reassuring noise to keep them calm you could experiment with different white noises for babies.

Swing, use gentle swinging motions to help the baby fall asleep this reminds them of the gentle movements in the womb.

Suck, you can give her a pacifier to suck on.

According to Harvey Karp if done correctly the 5-assist strategy works 98% of the time stick to a daytime routine most babies sleep for up to 12 to 18 hours a day and need to be fed for every 3 to 4 hours however they do have a longer sleeping cycle that can stretch to 5 hours. what I did was not to allow my child to sleep for more than 3 hours during the day, I would wake her, to change her and

feed her, it was okay if she falls asleep immediately as long as her sleep pattern was interrupted. However they will still wake up once photo feed at least for the first two to three months make sure this is only for the feed if you start cradling your child or talking or singing to them they would assume it's time to wake up. Limiting any unnecessary noise or activity will help them fall asleep quickly all over again.

As your baby gets older they will require less feeding. Most babies will be able to go up to 6 hours without requiring your feedings, this is around the 4 to 6-month mark, this is when you can start shifting the last feed.

5 Evolving sleeping patterns

as your baby throws a sleep pattern will change, newborns can sleep for a maximum of 3 hours at a stretch, 2 to 3 months old babies can sleep for 5 to 6 hours at a stretch, however they will require a feed at the night by the fourth month they can sleep up to 8 hours at a stretch by the sixth month there's absolutely no need for nighttime feedings your baby will have no problems sleeping through the night.

6 Nighttime rituals 

A night time routine will help your baby know that it's time to fall asleep observe your child notice when they sleep the longest, if they sleep from 10:00 to 2:00 you can start the routine from 9:00 or 9:30 next slowly incorporate the routine at one activity at a time again there is no set order but a few things that always work are a warm bath, cuddled up feedings, massages and lullabies. Practice putting your child to sleep just as they doze off this will ensure that they fall asleep on their own change the routine based on what your child's needs are here's my trick, I send in my husband to check on her when she wakes up at night this trick will make the baby realize that crying will not help her get any easy midnight snack within a week she will know that she can sleep without the need for a feed.

7 Use a security object

Separation fear is one of the major reasons that babies find it difficult to fall asleep at night, introducing a security object something like a blanket or a soft toy will help comfort them, start by placing it in the crib and use it during playtime this will help them familiarize with the object and form a bond with it babies have a very strong sense of smell my tip would be to try and get the object to smell like you this will make it easier to calm them while these methods usually work very well you must also, take into account that every baby is different for instance what worked on your first might not work on the second you might have to adapt some of these methods to suit your child's needs.

Good Luck

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