Tips for Getting Indian Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet

A bassinet or bassinette is a bed specially meant for babies from birth to about 5 months. Bassinets are a small type of portable baby bed generally designed to be carried and sit directly on the floor beside your bed or any furniture.

It is one of the most preferred bed for new parents to place their newborn baby as it's very easy and portable to move from place to place. Placing your baby right next to where you go makes it one of the preferred things to own for any new parents.

But many parents complain about their baby waking up after they kept the baby into the bassinet, and that could become one of the frustrating things for any new parents. As bedside bassinet is one of the safest places for your baby to sleep better than right next to your bed.
But getting the baby being comfortable with the new environment away from your lovely arms could take patients and consistent routine follow-ups.

These tricks work if you're at home or if you're travelling, let's say you're at a hotel cabin or your relative's house in a new environment. Hopefully, these tricks will help you help your newborn baby adjust to life at home or adjust to life in a new atmosphere and you can get some rest.
The first three things you want to ask yourself before putting your baby down is if your baby fed, is he or she clean, do they have a clean diaper on and number three is, do they feel cared, comforted and do they feel safe. If you answered yes to all of those three things then these three tricks will hopefully help you put your baby down to sleep in a bassinet.
Number 1: you'll want to have some comfortable bedding. Now if you're away from home, have something familiar maybe something that smells like you or smells like the house some comfy cosy bedding I like using really soft home cloth material bassinet covers or bassinet mattress covers maybe a cosy blanket that you can tuck underneath the bassinet mattress so that they feel snug and safe.
Number 2: a noise machine (White-Noise) now when baby moves from your belly to a bassinet your belly is actually a pretty noisy place he can hear your stomach gurgling your heartbeat on all the whooshing of all the fluids in your belly so having a noise machine like this one, actually help your baby adjust to life outside of the belly again and it creates that familiar atmosphere so that the baby feels comfortable.
Number 3: now this is a trick I learned from my mother-in-law it is hot water bag let's say it's 1 a.m, turn on the kettle boil some water fill up your hot water bottle and put it in the bassinet when you're done feeding your baby take the hot water bottle out test the bedding temperature make sure it's not too hot and then slowly put your baby down in that nice warm spot, this helps the bassinet be nice to cozy warm exactly how they feel when they're in your arms cosy and warm now I've used the hot water bottle trick with both my kids and every single time they go down into a bassinet and fall asleep they melt into that warm spot like butter and every time I'm just like thank God and now I can finally close my eyes and I at least get two hours of sleep hopefully those tricks help you get some rest in the middle of the night and hey!! congratulations on your newborn baby.

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