Unique Gifts Ideas for Welcoming Newborn Baby

Welcoming a newborn baby or visiting new parent house, giving a gift is not only a good idea but also our oldest tradition not only in India but is almost followed in every culture and every place around the world.
Now when it comes to gifting something unique and practical for the baby and new parents is something that we all think and search for. To help you, we have carefully listed some of the best items with their detailed descriptions that could be bought for newborn baby.

List of Best Gifts for Newborn Baby in India 2020

Baby Stroller


Stroller for babies can come very useful to parents as it makes travelling with baby very comfortable and safe. Having a stroller is quite a common practice in western countries and its also becoming a standard in India nowadays.

Baby Wrapper Blanket

Baby Wrapper Blanket

Soft Colorful blanket can be taken as a gift for any newborn baby. Baby is kept in wrapper blankets so that they stay warm and comfy throughout; as babies cannot regulate their body temperature at an early age they should be kept warm. For which wrapper blankets can be of great use to a newborn baby as a gift idea.

Baby Rocker Chair

Baby Rocker Chair

Rocker chair can hold a baby from infant to above 1 year old. These chairs are used when feeding the baby, playing with them plus putting them to sleep as it moves side by side like a swing which baby like and can easily fall to sleep. Little pricy but a worthy gift to a new baby.

Gift Card

newborn baby gift ideas

Giving a gift card has also become a prevalent practice among modern Indian parents. Gifts cards can be very useful to any parents than receiving a gift that is not required for them. Any internet gift card can be used in buying products directly online with the gift card.


silver bracelet baby

Gifting silver to baby is very old traditions in Indian culture. Silver is considered to have various benefits of its own. Silver Jewelry gift in a baby can look very elegant.

Baby Books

Baby Book Set

Buying a set of books as a gift for both parent and baby can be a great idea. New parents would love to go through your gifted books to gain more knowledge about parenthood, and baby can also play and learn with colourful and playful books.

Newborn Photography Props


Gifting Baby costume props can become perfect ideas for photoshoot days for the newborn baby. Photography props come in a different set with different variations.

Cot Mobiles


A new parent may appreciate having a cot mobile or a play gym, which can engage their baby while allowing them to do some chores. You can opt for musical kinds in bold colours.

Baby Proofing Kit


Proofing kit is used around the houses, and on objects that protect them as a little baby are not stable and can hurt themself, So gifting a baby proofing kit will make the parent have more secure.

Baby Furniture

foldable wardrobe furniture baby

Buying a piece of furniture specifically meant for a baby can be a good idea. There are a lot of ideas for furniture like chairs, small baby dresser units. Also, lots of such items are available with various styles.

Baby carrier sling


Babies love been carried by their parents we all know that, but it can be trying for parents to move around the baby in there hands, so this is were carrier slings comes in it can make travelling and walk with a baby less trying and make it much safer, new parents would love to get carrier sling as a gift.

Feeding Essentials


Baby essentials items products can be of great use for baby and new parents. Feeding kits contain different items like bottles, baby spoon, plates and breast pumps, etc.

Baby Teach Kits

Baby Teach Kit

Teaching kits as gifts can be educating and playful for babies—letters, Numbers, Animal playful objects, and so on as a complete gift set.

Baby bathtub

inflatable baby bath tub

Bathing a baby can be an enjoyable activity for parents. Also, bathing baby can't be that easy if you do not have a small baby bathtub.

Baby Play Gym

baby play gym

Buying a play gym to the baby so they can have much fun in their little world as the parent can enjoy their tasks. Play gym can help crawling baby playing.

Portable Baby Stuff Organiser

foldable wardrobe furniture baby

Small Foldable shelves can be very useful in keeping baby stuff and organizing baby clothes and toys, etc.

Baby Swaddling Cloth

Baby Swaddling Cloth

Swaddling clothes are used to wrap babies below three, four months old to keep them warm and safe. Gifting colourful, new parents can very much require soft swaddling clothes.

Baby’s Clothes

baby cloth set gift

Parents know this baby ruins clothes very fast, and they constantly need to change clothes, and you can never have sufficient wearable clothes.

Diaper Bag

baby diaper bag

Small Travel diaper bags filled with baby stuff like diapers, clothes, etc. can be a very reliable gift for parents, and they will truly appreciate your gift.

Baby Pacifier/Teethers


Pacifier soothes and comforts baby. Teethers, as they grow and their teeth start coming out it becomes itchy, so they chew teethers which is safer than letting them chew other kinds of stuff.

Baby Monitor / Camera


Baby Monitor and camera set is increasing gift items that is commonly given to modern parents. Baby monitors are the perfect way to keep parents feel safe as they 24/7 have an eye on a there little baby.

DIY Gifts


If you have some time to handcraft any DIY gifts items to the new baby there is nothing more loving and adorable thing then that. Gift handcrafter sweater, blanket, etc.

Baby Skincare Products


Parents can be gifted with a set of baby skincare products that include all baby products like lotions, massage oil, diaper rash cream, and shampoo as a set, specially designed for a baby.

Baby photo album


Photo albums are like memory store boxes. Album stores all the adorable little movements like pictures and the first scribbles of the baby. Gifting photo album to parents aids them to record all events.

Baby Diapers


Like it or not but diapers are one of the most needed things that new parents are going to require throughout their early days with the baby. You could do much help by gifting them diapers. You can also go for cloth diapers.

Hand and Foot Impression Casting Kit


Hand and foot impression casting kit is a very loving gesture as a gift to new parents will always have though littles hands and feet with them throughout there life.

Stuffed Animal Dolls/Pillows

Stuffed Animal Dolls Pillows baby gift ideas

Babies love animals. Gifting them stuffed animal soft dolls can lighten there eyes and play with them till they tried and sleep in big stuffed soft pillows.

Baby’s Room Decor


Decorating the baby room is one of the most fun activities to indulge upon. Gifting room decor set to baby parents is unique gift ideas.

Rattlers and Musical Toys


Rattlers are small toys that the baby shakes to make a sound. Baby can be gifted with toys like rattlers or musical toys it is quite commonly seen.

Breast Pump

NOYMI electric breast pump india

Breast pump is one of the most useful products of mothers. Giving it as a gift can be very handy for a new mom.

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