In the Muslim family, the baby naming ceremony is known as "Aqīqah". It is an Islamic tradition were on the occasion of baby birth and homecoming into Muslim families sacrifice of an animal is also done as a gesture of prosperity and growth. According to tradition, Muslim parents name their child seven days after birth at an Aqiqah ceremony. Having a baby is an incredibly joyful and life-changing event, So is Baby naming ceremony one such event.

Have a glance at the list beneath we have listed 100+ Modern Muslim baby names for boys with their unique meaning.

100+ List of Modern Muslim Baby Names for Boys with their Meaning

Boy NamesMeaning
AafreenEncouragement, Praise, Blessing
AamirRuler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous
AarifAcquainted, Knowledgeable
AdamA prophet's name, Black
AdnanLion, Bravery
AdyanName of a prophet, A nabee
AfzalMost excellent
AhmadMeaning ‘much praised’.
AleemA knowledgeable person, Wise, Scholarly, Omniscient, Learned, Religious scholar
AshrafHonourable, Noble, Without grief
AsimLimitless shank, Boundless, Protector, Infinite
BadrIf you’re looking for some unique Muslim baby boy names, this one, meaning ‘full moon’, is a name you should definitely consider.
BasheerBringer of good news
BashirVision, Propitious, Auspicious, Prudent, Bringer of glad tidings
BasimSmiling, Happy
DafiqJubilant, Buoyant, Active
DarimA narrator of Hadith
DarwishHumble being, Religious beggar
DayyanRuler, judge
DiyanBright light
EihabTo give freely, To endow someone with a gift
EjazMiracle, Wondrous nature
FahimIntelligent, Beautiful
FaizPerhaps the most beloved of all Muslim boy names, it means ‘winner or victorious’.
FarhanHappy, cheerful
FateenCaptivating, Clever, Smart, Fascinating
FaysalDecisive, judge
FayzanFavorite, Beneficence, Generosity, Abundance, Benefit
GulshanGarden of flowers
HaidarLion, Title of Ali
HaleemMild, Gentle, Patient, Forbearing, Grown up
HamzaStrong and steadfast
HamzahLion, Name of the uncle of the prophet
IhamExpected, Thin, Desire
IliasA prophet's name,
ImadPillar, support
ImaranStrong, Prosperity population, A prophet's name
IrfanFairly common among Muslim boy names, it literally means ‘Knowledgeable, Thankfulness'
IshfaqCompassion, Sympathy, Pity
IzazHonor, Esteem, Regard
JahaanThe world
JaheerBright, Shining, Sparkling, Luminous, Visible, Distinct
JamalBeauty, grace
JarirCorpulent, One who can pull, Name of a famous Arab poet
JuberBrave warrior
JunaidFighter, Warrior whose strength is equal to a small army
KaiserCaesar, Emperor, King
KareefBorn in autumn
KiyanKings, Royal
LayzalAnother name of God, Immortal, Undying
MehranAn old name of a river Sindh
MiranPrincely, Princes
MisbahLamp, Light
MohsinHelpful, Beneficent, Charitable
MoinFountain, Spring
NabihNoble, Famous, Eminent, Outstanding
NaeemThere are few Muslim boy names as beautiful-sounding as this one, which means ‘comfort’.
NasirHelper of God, One who helps, Assister, Friend, One who scatters, Exposer, Announcer, Protector, Supporter
NazihPure, Chaste
NisarNature, Warm cloth, Victorious
NiyazDedication, Offer
NizalStriving, Contest
NurazThe treasure of Noor
OwaisA companion of the prophet (Saw)
ParinazCharming and beautiful
RafeeqKind friend
RamizSymbol, Prince, Honored, Respected
RayyanSatisfaction, Contented
RehanFragrant one, Sweet scented, King, Star
RizwanAcceptance, Goodwill
SaahirWakeful, Magician, Alert, Nocturnal
SajidProtractor, One who worships God
SamimFragrance, Fragrant, Sincere, Genuine, Pure, True
ShaheenFalcon, Hawk (Garuda)
ShoaibWho shows the right path, Shoaib was a prophet of Islam
TaahidTo console, To guard
TurhanOf mercy
UmairSecond Khalifah, Intelligent
UzairPrecious, Name of a prophet
WahabKind hearted
WajidFinder, Lover, Loving
WajihNoble, Honored, Well-esteem
YaaminBlessed, Auspicious, Oath, Right hand, Right wing, Right side, Restrained
YasirWealthy, Lives forever
YazeedTo increase, Enhance, Grow
YunusA prophet's name,
ZaahidAbstemious, Ascetic, Saintly, Diligent, Hardworking
ZakirRememberer of Allah, Intelligent
ZamirA character of a person, Heart, Mind, Conscience
ZayanBright and graceful, Wild Jasmine, Honey
ZishanA person who stay with style, Peaceful
ZohaibOcean of knowledge
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