In the Muslim family, the baby naming ceremony is known as "Aqīqah". It is an Islamic tradition were on the occasion of baby birth and homecoming into Muslim families sacrifice of an animal is also done as a gesture of prosperity and growth. According to tradition, Muslim parents name their child seven days after birth at an Aqiqah ceremony. Having a baby is an incredibly joyful and life-changing event, So is Baby naming ceremony one such event.

Have a glance at the list beneath we have listed 100+ Modern Muslim baby names for girls with their unique meaning.

80+ List of Modern Muslim Baby Names for Girls with their Meaning

AbirFragrance, Strong, Auspicious red powder traditionally applied during the festival of Holi
AdeelaEqual, Just, Honest
AidahVisiting, Returning, Reward
AishaOne of the loveliest and most preferred names, it means ‘prosperous’.
AleemaKnowing or knowledgeable, Wise
AmeenaTrustworthy, Faithful, Peaceful, Honest
AminahSecure, protected
AnaanCloud, Joyful
AsmaSky, Excellent, Precious, Prestige, High
AyeshaAlive or living, Prophet Mohammad's wife
AzeezaEsteemed, Precious, Cherished, Good friend, Comrade
BadyahUnprecedented, Amazing, Admirable, Unique, Knowledgeable person
BasimahAlways smiling
BatulAscetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah, Immaculate
DuniaThe world
ElijahBeautiful, Sweet, Smart
FaridaUnique, Matchless, Precious Pearl or gem
FateenCaptivating, Clever, Smart, Fascinating
FatimaProphet Muhammad's daughter
FuratSweet water
GhadiaMorning, Cloud
GoharDiamond, Precious stone
Gul JanGul - flowers, Jan - life
HaadiyaGuide to righteousness, Gift
HajnaHungarian form of English Hannah, HAJNA means "favor, grace."
HamidahPraiseworthy, Commendable, Friend
HinaMehndi, Fragrance
IbtihalPrayer, Supplication
IkrimaA female pigeon name
ImaanFaith, Creed, Honesty, Belief, Truth honesty
InaayaGift of Allah, Concern, Solicitude
IntisaarVictory, Triumph
JahidaAbstinent, Helps the vulnerable
JamilaBeautiful, Lovely
JasmineName of a flowering plant, Fragrant
KaheeshaPoetess, Daughter of Al-waqa
LakhtaEar ring
MahiraHighly skilled, Expert, Quick, Talented, Powerful
MallikaJasmine, Garland, Queen, Daughter
MarriyahFair woman
MaryamBeautiful women, Flower, Beloved
MeharCourtesy of God
NeemaBorn to wealthy parents, the mother of Kabir, To adjust, To measure, Younger, Smaller
NoorLight, Angel
QadiraPowerful, Able, Good at many things
RehmaThe loving
SabaMorning breeze
SabeenBoth the worlds
SadiyaLucky, Blessed
SaidaBranch, Tributary, Happy, Lucky, Fem of Saeed, Most beautiful, Unmatched, Friendly
SaleenaThe Moon
SamiraEarly morning fragrance or entertaining companion or wind, Enchanting
SanahSkilful, Radiance, Elegance, Conciseness
SiddiqaTrustworthy, Honest
TaimaOasis in northwest arabia
TalibaThis uncommon Muslim girls’ name means ‘seeker of knowledge’.
TasneemFountain of Paradise
ThanaaThankfulness, Praise
UzmaOne of the more unique Muslim baby girl names, it translates to ‘supreme’.
VidaFound, Evident, Few
YaraThe bright light
YasminJasmine or flower
ZahiraHelper, Supporter, Protector, Blossoming flower, Brilliant, Visible, Dawn
ZainabName of prophet's daughter, Decorated tree
ZoyaLife, Rejoicing
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