Sanskrit is an Indo-Aryan or Indic language of the ancient Indian subcontinent with a 3,500-year history.  Sanskrit was the earliest language and was one of the first dialects to be spoken in Bhārata. A large portion of the Devnagari dialects are derived from it, and this makes Sanskrit names socially acceptable, unique and striking everywhere throughout India and the whole world.

For your convenience, we have selected and listed out baby boy names taken from Sanskrit and Vedic language of India.

List of Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit, Vedic with their Meaning

Boy NamesMeaning
AadinathThe first Lord, Lord Vishnu, the first God
AchyutA name for Lord Vishnu, imperishable, indestructible
AdhritA name for Lord Vishnu, one worthy of respect
AdvaitUnique, an identity of Lord Brahma
AdyantBeginning to the end
AhanFirst Ray Of Sun
AhimCloud, Water, Traveller
AritOne worthy of praise
ArjunFair, Open minded, Bright, White
ArjunaBirght, Shining, (Third son Pandu and kunti of Hastinapur)
AryanNoble and civilised
AsavNectar, exciting, stimulating
AshvathStrong, holy tree, strong as a horse
AtulyaIncomparable, unequalled
AvyayImperishable, Name of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva
AyanLord Shiva
AyushmanBlessed with a long life
BharatUniversal monarch
BhaveshLord of world, A name for Lord Shiva
BhavinBlessing, illustrious
BhimaBig or Tall, Second born of Pandavas
BhuvaneshLord of the world
BidyutFull of knowledge
CaityaPertaining To The Mind
ChaitanyaThe universal soul or spirit
ChetasConsciousness, mind
ChinmayaWith Joy, Full Of Knowledge
ChitrakshBeautiful eyes
ChittinIntelligence, splendour
DakshA Son Of Brahma
DaksheshAble and dexterous
DarshA name for Lord Krishna
DivitHeaven, reaching for the sky
DiyanJudge, Leader, Captain, Lamp
DushyantDestroyer of evil
EashanA name for Lord Shiva
EkakshA name for Lord Shiva, one with an excellent eye
EkaveerA unique hero
FaneeshLord Shiva
GaganSky, Heavens above
GaurishA name for Lord Shiva, a lofty Himalayan peak
GirirajLord Of The Mountains
GirivarThe king of mountains, a name for the Himalayas
GyanavFull of knowledge
HansinThe Universal Soul
HardikHeartfelt, friendship
HaritGreen, fragrant plant
HirenLord Of The Diamonds
HridyanshuLight from the heart, moon
IndranujYounger brother of Lord Indra
Iravanking of ocean
IshanThe sun as a form of Lord Shiva
ItishA name for Lord Shiva, supreme ruler
JagishLord Of The Universe
JagravAwakened, awareness
JaitraTriumphant, superior
JatasyaOne that has taken birth
JivanshPart Of Soul
KairavWhite lotus blossoming at moonshine
KanishkAn ancient king
KaruneshLord of mercy
KaushtubhLegendary gem
KushSon of Lord Rama, sacred grass
LakshayOne who's always on target
LakshitRecognised, characterised
LaranThe psychic powers and abilities
MananThoughtful, Thinking
ManavMan, youth
MilanGetting Together
MokshitFree, liberated
MridulSoft, calm
MukundPrecious stone, a name for Lord Vishnu
NakinOne Who Dwells In Heaven
NandishA name for Lord Shiva
NilayResting place, refuge
OjasBrilliance, bountiful energy
OorjitPower, strong
PaarthAnother Name Of Arjun
PradyutShining, illuminated
PragyanWisdom, supreme intelligence
PrathamFirst, foremost
PrayagPlace of sacrifice
RachitInvention, fashioned
RathinA charioteer
ReyaanshPart Of Lord Vishnu
SaatvikPious, pure
SaketA place of pilgrimage
SamarthAble , efficient
SambhavBorn, existence
SarthakMeaningful, significant
SashwatEternal, a name for Lord Shiva
SavarA name for Lord Shiva
ShivanshPart of Lord Shiva
TanmayAbsorbed, Calm
TrinabhA name for lord Vishnu
UddhavFestival, sacrificial fire
UditLofty, ascended
UdyatStar, rising
UhudCommitment, Pledge
UtkarshSuperior, attractive
VaikoGreat politician
VedantComplete knowledge of the Vedas
VibhutiHoly ash, prosperity, glory
VibodhIntelligence, awakening
VidyotA flash of light
VirajSovereignty, majesty
VrishankA name for Lord Shiva
YashFame, honour, respect
YudhishthiraThe one who is steady in the war, Eldest son of king Pandu of Hastinapur
YugAn era
YuvanYoung king, heir apparent
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